kuroko no basuke episode 29 sub indonesia

25 Our Basketball Ore to Omae no Basuke September 22, 2012 After Kise successfully copied Aomine play style, Kise is now at par with Aomine which causes the team to let Aomine do what he wants despite having four fouls.
Although Kagami gets less involved due to him being double teamed, with Kiyoshi's unpredictable play and rebounds being the main focuses, Seirin gets even better in terms of offense and defense.
At the same time, T Academy is there, it's a surprise for them that they will fight in the first round.7 You'll See Something Amazing Sugoi Mon Mireru wayo May 19, 2012 After their win over Shinky, Seirin goes on to crush their next few opponents.Seirin subs in first-year Furihata to lure Rakuzan, but he quickly gets fatigued after facing Akashi.With their final chance lost, Kise tells Aomine that it is fine they will lose because he is not yet at Aomine's level.Kuroko is subbed back in and Seirin cuts the lead down to 15 points, but then Aomine intercepts the Ignite Pass.Who will win the Kagami-Midorima match-up?

56 I Will iron man pc game rip Offer Them Sashidasou February 14, 2015 The Shtoku team, especially Midorima are feeling down that might not win the game after Akashi performs an ankle break on Midorima and scores.With one minute to go, Kaij is still down by 8 points.The next morning Kuroko and Kagami encounter the Shtoku team.Aomine defends this well which forces Kise to pass to an open Kasamatsu.Sakurai gets an early 3 to go up.During the counterattack, Izuki passes child safety seat inspection certification the ball to Kiyoshi, who using the Right of Postponement passes the ball to Hyuga.
After talking to the Captain, Kuroko realizes it isn't his teammates that need to change, and Kagami isn't trying to leave him behind.
Will Seirin still get their berth at the Winter Cup or is it over for them?