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Madison Malone Kircher new York Magazine : Twitter Stops Verifying Users After Verifying White Supremacist.
@fun_beard : The far more important question is why Nazis like Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer are not banned from this site altogether, much less verified.Rachel Kaser the Next nickelodeon games for pc Web : Twitter claims verification isn't an endorsement.As an alarming number of the trends of my youth come back in style, Ive had to wildgame innovations flextime software live in a state of constant vigilance, as I could very easily end up filling my studio apartment with scrunchies, jelly sandals, and troll dolls.But if were going to use them, we should understand two things: 1) They are designed to take up as much of your attention and time as possible.Freedom from the male gaze: Haha, just kidding.Dave Zatz / @davezatz : Will gladly trade in my check mark for an edit button.As someone who spends most of her time schlepping bags of groceries around, and then cooking said groceries, and then washing the dishes dirtied by said groceries, having to pause to pull up my pants when they are carrying groceries, or covered in duck fat.The Embed Tag will be automatically generated according to user's preferences on World Clock, namely selected colors/theme and time zones; - Added many cities to Time Zones Database concerning certain countries, namely United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Australia, and others; - Corrected.I cant really do that though, because in the years since my online call of duty advanced warfare 4gb ram fix crack behavior became so automatic I accidentally became a professional blogger.I do love the internet.Michael Allison mSPoweruser : Twitter is pausing verification of accounts while it rethinks strategy.I would never quit using.
World Clock.5: - Added an Improved World Map, Time Zone Window, Time Zone Panel, Control Panel, and Country Flags; - Added Time Zone Automatic Configuration via XML technology.

2) We dont use them for the reasons we think.So Todayyou verified a Nazi.And that was enough.More: Jill Disis cNNMoney : Twitter suspends blue check mark verifications.So much of its problems come from anon / sketchy / fake accounts.Theyre also nice and roomy, very well ventilated, and easy to don and doff.My lookif I even possess such a thingis best described as equal parts teenage dirtbag and someone who is allergic to pants.Maybe you find reports of a violent attack somewhere, or a gaffe by a politician, or a GIF of a baby goat.Or all of those things.Working now to fix faster.
Ben Collins the Daily Beast : Twitter Verifies Charlottesville Rally Boss Jason Kessler, Who Called Slain Protester's Death Payback Time.