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Grammatical explanations or rules are presented and then applied through practice in exercises.
(A) Information Technology refers to the use of mavis beacon teaches typing platinum 20 serial hardware and software for processing information ( B ) Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software for distribution of useful information ( C ) Information Technology refers to the use of hardware and software.
Walt Whitman Ans:.(A) 700 MB ( B ) 500 MB ( C ) 7000 MB (D).7 GB Ans: A What is the storage capacity of a DVD?Classify Silicates into different types.Open the program first.The _ age tended to favour the taste and search for truth in art: (i) Classical (ii) Romantic (iii) Victorian (iv) Elizabethan (v) None of these.Ground nut has maximum protein Digestion of fat in intestine is aided by Emulsification Hair, finger nails, hoofs, etc are all make of protein Deficiency of sodium and potassium causes muscular cramps, headache and diahrae Milk contains 80 water Milk is a complete food.Ans: Insha Ullah Khan Insha.Answer Keys of, entry Test 2015 has been uploaded.University of Engineering and Technology UET Taxila First merit list announced today dated 05-October-2015.Admission process for Entry-2016 will start from.Ans: 1920 Doctor Jaan Gul Crist Fort william college main kia thay?Then: (a) G is no cyclic (b) G is non abelian (c) G is commutative (d) None of these (16) If V is n-dimensional vector spaces, then any set of n1 vectors in V is: (a) linearly dependent (b) linearly independent (c) a basis.
(A) netlog ( B ) eric ( C ) proquest (D) utube Ans: A Nimbuz, Pidgin and Trillion are software used for (A) Blogging ( B ) Chatting ( C ) Surfing (D) All of the above Ans: B wwww, in computer parlance, stands for.
Glucose is the source of energy for human brain.

(A) Notepad ( B ) Excel ( C ) Power Point (D) Adobe Reader Ans: C In internet terminology IP means (A) Internet Provider ( B ) Internet Protocol ( C ) Internet Procedure (D) Internet Processor Ans: B Which one of the following.A- Wilde b- Shaw c- Ibsen d- Yeats e- none of these 8- John Bulls Other Island is written by: a- Shaw b- Wilde c- Hemingway d- Beckett e- none of these 9- Lilliputians symbolize excessive human: a- Jealousy b- confidence c- pride d- Ego.(A) LAN ( B ) WAN ( C ) MAN (D) SLN Ans: A ATM means?Ans: jo options di hain paper mein un mein se koi nae.Ans: Rasheeda Nisa Meer Taqi Meer k kitnay deewan hain?(A) Computer is capable of processing only digital signal ( B ) Computer is capable of analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data ( C ) Appropriate software is required for processing the data (D) Computer is capable of processing digital as well as analog signals.(A) Open System ( B ) Open Software ( C ) Operating System (D) All of these Ans:.MOV extension refers to: (A) Word file ( B ) Text file ( C ) Image file (D) Movie file Ans:.MPG extension refers to: (A) Word.
It has got multiple scanning modes including Full Scan and other quick Scan mode.