lie to me korean drama episode 16

So-ran finds out shes pregnant, only to come home to find that Jae-bums run out on her.
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She puts the letter in the box and this is what she hands him at the airport, saying, This is my answer.Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6Episode 8 Open ThreadEpisode 9 elgato game capture hd 1.2 Open ThreadEpisode 10 Open ThreadEpisode 11 Open ThreadEpisode 12 Open ThreadEpisode 13 Open ThreadEpisode 14 Open ThreadEpisode 15 Open ThreadEpisode 16 Open Thread (Final) 375, june 28, 2011January 24, 2016, lie To Me: Episode.No, Don't ask me again.Would you like to receive DramaFever news and exclusive promotions?She spends a month working and finding herself, which mostly consists of writing in a journal about Ki-joon.Your browser is on the brink of extinction.

Click here to learn how, it looks like you don't have Adobe Flash Player installed.Which is exactly what he does, of course.Ki-joon has to make up a thousand excuses to get invited into her apartment that night, and finally has to drag her in there.Id be more inclined to be with you on this type of journey if you, say, had a different career path you wanted to take, or whatever.Just to be safe, input your password to login.She goes to Jeju on a work trip and he sends her off with a watch and a kiss.Sure enough, come the day of the lunch, she gets swamped with a work emergency an artifact goes missing in the museum.
He asks her to come up to have lunch with his aunt, and says that if she shows up wearing that necklace, hell take it as a sign that she wants to marry him.