light image resizer v4.4.1.0

Default value was also increased from 30 to 60 seconds #8710 Search : Fix for not being able to close search by clicking on right side of search result container, 8848 Cloudwatch : Fix for using variables in templating metrics query, 8965 Changes Settings(defaults).
MySQL : New rich query editor with syntax highlighting Prometheus : New rich query editor with syntax highlighting, metric range auto complete and integrated function docs.Closes #6021 Bug fixes Table Panel : Fixed kidlogger soft keyboard pro problem when switching to Mixed datasource in metrics tab, fixes #5999 Playlist : Fixed problem with play order not matching order defined in playlist, fixes #5467 Graph panel : Fixed problem with auto decimals on y axis.#8500 Bug fixes S3 image upload : Fixed image url issue for us-east-1 (us standard) region.#9226, thx @alin-amana Prometheus : Autocomplete for label name and label value #9208, thx @mtanda Postgres : New Postgres data source #9209, thx @svenklemm Datasources : Make datasource http requests verify TLS by default.Fixed influxdb issue with raw query that caused wrong value column detection Issue #526.Graphite: Dashboard import was broken.1 and.1.1, working now Issue #2565.All changes are backward compatible with old schema.
Ability to set y min/max for right y-axis (RR #519) Fixes Issue #500.

Packaging: ml was not marked as config file and could be overwritten in upgrade Issue #2564.Read the wiki on the Function Editor for more info.This problem is fixed in this release.Pinterest, ashampoo Home Designer Pro.1.0 Crack, Serial key.Templating: You can now select multiple template variables values at the same time.#9698, thx @mtanda, minor, alert panel : Adds placeholder text when no alerts are within the time range #9624, thx @straend, tech, rabbitMq : Remove support for publishing events to RabbitMQ #9645, fixes.
New dashboard grid layout system, new on me the game instrumental Features, data Source Proxy : Add support for whitelisting specified cookies that will be passed through to the data source when proxying data source requests #5457, thanks @robingustafsson.