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Taiwanese American film designer and artist.
Yilan County, Taiwan, and grew up in the.
Learn secrets from THE greatest sniper 2 game demo artists IN comics!Doug has continued his exciting Star Wars work by working on the new upcoming films.Check out this inside look at the exciting sci-fi art in the book: Doug Chiang is an award-winning artist who has done work for.Get unlimited access to over 100 art instruction ebooks.The Art of Star Wars The Force Awakens book will be coming out this December 18, the same day as the films release.
Wizard How to Draw: The Best of Basic Training Vol.1.

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See how they illustrate the techniques used in comic storytelling and be enlightened by hundreds of years of artistic expertise.Contents: Wizard How to Draw: Getting Started.Anatomy, Facial Expressions, Body Language, Layout, Perspective, Movement Motion, Proportions, Shadows, Backgrounds, Storytelling, Coloring, Dynamic Foreshortening, Photo Reference, Sex Appeal, Inking, Sound Effects, Metallic Surfaces, Textures, Energy Effects, Negative Space, Teens/Children, Action Scenes and sooo much more!Wizard How to Draw: Advanced Techniques.Orson Scott Card on an illustrated science fiction book called, robota.Aliens, monsters, ships and more are included in this book!
In this new revised and updated edition youll learn the six keys to good design, rules of perspective even in an imaginary world, how to create sci-fi art traditionally and digitally and even more great techniques.
Recently, he has returned to Star Wars franchise as the concept artist for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as well as production designer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.