minitab macro loop through columns

Ends storage of Minitab commands in a file ppresses the echo printing of Minitab commands stores the echo printing of Minitab commands cepts a yes or no response from the user of a macro note.
Clear content and names of column 2 and.
Displays contents of specified file cesses operating system commands starts Minitab, clearing the worksheet MTB help command 3 Editing and Manipulating Data mputes an algebraic expression or changes a column value letes rows from the worksheet ases columns, constants and matrices serts rows into the.Overwrites the original columns.C - Creates the correlation matrix of all of the specified columns, their two-factor interactions, and quadratic terms for up to gameshark lite ps1 iso 12 variables.Displays one-way tables of counts and percents es a chisquare analysis of a contingency table MTB help command 12 Time Series ots a time series ots several time series mputes an autocorrelation function mputes a partial autocorrelation function mputes a cross correlation function difference.Displays bars for each point BOX.Specifies the height of plots Statistical Process Control Charts: xbarchart machart npchart rchart ewmachart cchart schart mrchart uchart ichart pchart For high resolution graphics add a G before the command name, for example, ghistogram, gplot or gxbarchart.Used to find transforms to x and/or y that linearize a nonlinear scatterplot when the first principles model is unknown.Displays a chart of individual observations machart.Layout uses page coordinates, while the graph commands use data coordinates.
Copy the content of column 2 and 3 to column 6 and column 7 (you could apply this to an arbitrary number of colums).

Displays a chart of moving ranges pchart.C - Calculates the power for Fisher's Exact Test using the one-sided test method.C - Identifies bins for observations based on bin class marks.You won't need to worry about which you are using most of the time, since gpro is the default.Simulations grrs c - Creates simulated data for a gage error study using the common operator by part crossed design.Lect graphics device and set options t specifications for graphics devices To produce high resolution graphics, you must first select the appropriate screen, printer, and/or plotter driver using the goptions command.Displays contingency tables and tables of statistics for associated variables tally.B - Creates simulated response data for a five variable experiment design.
The operator controls how many operators, parts, and trials are used and EV, AV, and PV values can be set with subcommands.
Runs one-way anova on the random order to confirm if the randomization was effective.