nulldc memory card plugin

However, from my home PC I can't figure out how to get the emulator to read the memory card file that I sent over.
(Sorry about the long email).
EXE to create a VMS file.There wasn't a VMU option though so I assumed VMS was the right thing.When i save in-game it says 'save successful'.I have set the vmu under 'select plugins'.At one point it had created 3 more VMS bin files while I was messing around, two were vmsa1 and vmsb1, and then there was a third, but I deleted all of them to try over from the start to get it to work.Here is a question for anyone familiar with the newer NullDC Dreamcast emulator.I just loaded up a game on chanka for the first time and it gave me a message saying that the game did not detect a vmu in slot 1 of controller a, so i wouldn't be able to save my data.DCNoob, april 23rd, 2007, 21:09, hey I checked the FAQs and some other threads and they didn't say anything about the VMU.I had already gone to the Plugins option and selected a VMS as slot 1 of controller.I have epsxe PS1 emulator and with that one you could have unlimited memory cards by copying the memory card file (i don't remember what type of file it was) and then selecting it in a plugin menu or something like that and the emulator.I have 2 computers and when I am traveling for work and make progress in a game on that computer, I want to transfer the memory card file to my home PC when I want to play on that computer.However when i try and load the game it says there is no aladdin zee tv all episodes save file.Does anyone know how to change memory card.bin files through the plugins?Pm3, posted ok, thanks for the reply.With this new NullDC emulator I can't figure out how to change memory card plugins.

I am testing this with shenmue 2, so i am wondering if this is a game issue?I also tried changing the plugin type from "Input Plugin xxx" to "Input Plugin by ElSemi".I restarted the Chankast again after this but still the game didn't detect the VMS.Next I found the VMS Browser and there were no VMS files created yet so I just pressed Write.Plugins option and selected a VMS as slot.You have nullDC VMU selected for Port A in Select.#26 - íáò ãßãáíôáò.#44 Ôé ãßíåôáé; é, üé, äåí åßíáé ñá áêüìá.
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