one piece episode 688

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Just then, Luffy sees Cavendish as he states they found a short cut and are going ahead of Luffy.
Just then, someone comes from behind telling them this is just a slanted room, revealing himself to be Doflamingo.
Though Luffy reaffirms Law that this worked out Law states only cause of dumb luck.Season, piece 17 15, funimation Crunchyroll, title, a Desperate Situation!The other fighters charge forward fighting the other soldiers.A call from Robin solves that issue as she is sending Leo, Rebecca and Bartolomeo to deliver the cuff keys to them.Law questions if he really intends to fight Doflamingo while he's handicap but Luffy states it will all work out but Law retorts how Luffy can remain so positive.Leo further explains that if they land on a roof, they can then jump to receive more altitude and continue to float.
Back at the tunnel, Law notes they ran into a dead end with water.

Please Select - Please Select -Sound and video Does no matchVideo is brokenSubtitle is missingOther.Will be released fastest.The Dwarves notice this as Inhel prepares a plan.Contents show, short Summary, edit, at the palace hills, Luffy is still riding Ucy towards the palace but was dejected to see that the rest of the colosseum fighters are ahead of him in the race to fight Doflamingo.No, yes, see All.Screenplay - Atsuhiro Tomioka, art - Miho Shiraishi, animation - Ysuke Ischi.You Are Here : One Piece One Piece Episode 688, close Continue, share.Direction - Yoshihiro Ueda, eyecatcher, nami - One Piece Logo, format 16:9 (hdtv) "A Desperate Situation - Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap!" is the 688th episode of the.At the plateau, Bartolomeo, Robin and Rebecca are taking an unorthodox method of traveling to the palace hills flower field by "jumping" through the use of the beetles provided by Leo.One Piece Episode 687, one Piece Episode 689, one Piece Episode 688 Navigation: Next Chapter: Previous Chapter: Watch One Piece Episode 688 online.
An additional scene of Franky's battle with Senor Pink land roverlander haynes manual and Zoro's battle with Pica.