oracle database version support matrix

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This fakes the jdbc drivers into thinking that its still working in the same one instance, and relies on dblinks to take care of the details.
SSL encryption has been supported in the jdbc-OCI driver since Oracle password manager app pro help jdbc.2.x, and is supported in the thin driver starting in the.2.
DataSources can do things other than just create new connections.See Are Oracle's jdbc zip and jar files identical on all platforms?If it is not listed in the above table then please check with your support channel to check if you are still on the support contract for the older versions.Just e-mail: and include the URL for the page.It is not a general fail-over mechanism.

Back to Top, what threads do the Oracle jdbc drivers create?In your temporary directory, ensure you have the same directory structure as the original package.Hence, the solution is to set autocommit to false.Back to Top How do I connect as sysdba or sysoper?Back to Top Thin Driver Can the Thin jdbc Driver be used to develop Java applications?To wrap a stored procedure that uses PL/SQL tables, you can break the data into components or perhaps use Oracle collection types.
For more info on configuring jdbc logging see the white paper on jdbc logging.