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In v8500 and above, when Password Manager Pro server was restarted, personal password management option was getting enabled even in cases where it had been disabled by the administrator.
In v8500 and above, while adding a Linux resource, the add operation could not be completed if 'Private Key' field was left blank.
Premium Edition - Apart from storing and sharing your passwords, if you wish to have enterprise-class password management features such as remote password synchronization, password alerts and notifications, application-to-application password management, reports, high-availability and others, Premium edition would be the best choice.From v8500 till v9100, Active Directory Single Sign-on could not be enabled if the 'Secondary Domain Controllers' field held more than 100 characters.Passwords can be securely shared between MSP administrators and their respective customers, making sure that users only get access to the passwords they own or ones that are shared with them.Custom Reports Support for creating customized reports out of the canned reports and audit reports.Shared resources are being excluded in the new version.Bug Security Fixes Server JRE that comes bundled with Password Manager Pro is upgraded from.7.0_71.8.0_102 due to security vulnerabilities in the older version.Due to a typo in message display, the result for 'Verify Password' was being shown as 'Not in sync when it was actually in sync.The users will be required to resolve a captcha when they enter an invalid username/password for five continuous login attempts.To protect your data, RoboForm uses AES-256 bit encryption with pbkdf2 SHA-256.Now this connection is also AES encrypted by choosing the DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA cipher for the SSL channel.In v9000, while editing resources in bulk, if any of the selected resources had notes stored under them, the notes field of that resource became empty once the edits were saved.Earlier, there were issues in alphabetically sorting the entries in Resource tab and Home tab (when using PMP with PostgreSQL as the backend database).(High Availability set up requires that both primary and secondary installations run with same builds).Password Manager Pro Release.6 (8603) (30th December 2016) Enhancements Fixes Bulk edit option is now available for resources, which allows the administrator to select several resources and edit them in bulk at the same time.
Enhancements Bug Fixes, password Manager Pro now uses captcha services during application login to enhance security. .

Resources owned by or shared with that user.This has been fixed PMP Release 6 New Features / Enhancements Password Access Control Workflow Support for password request-release workflow to enforce enhanced access control in the product.A function level access control vulnerability resulted in unauthorized permission which allowed an user to lock their own Password Manager Pro account, This has been fixed now.Password Manager Pro Release.0 (9002) (13th June 2017) Bug Fixes In v9001, the 'Domain Name' field was missing in the 'Add Resource' and 'Edit Resource' screens for Windows resources.As a result, the service account reset for the resources that are part of the selected resource groups did not work.Earlier, exporting passwords as an encrypted html file for offline access did not work in installations with PostgreSQL as the backend database.In v8303, while importing OUs from Active Directory, all the resources in the 'Default Group' in Password Manager Pro were automatically removed if the name of any of the OUs contained a comma.The jdbc connection between the JRE (Java(TM) Runtime mw3 hack pc german Environment) and the MySQL database is now encrypted by default, to eliminate the need to set it up separately.Resource and Account Discovery: Discover flavors of Windows, Linux, VMware and Network devices along with the privileged accounts associated with them (Available in Enterprise Edition) Performance enhancements in Home and Resource tabs: Improved application performance resulting in much faster responsiveness nerc-CIP Compliance Report: Automated, audit-ready.Restful APIs : PMP now provides restful APIs, which help you to connect, interact and integrate any application with Password Manager Pro directly.
Customers in v8500 were not able to save changes in User Settings for any user groups, if their language setting is not English.
In v8700 and above, role summary report could not be generated for a role if the respective role name comprised Japanese characters.