pes 2011 3d game

Exit Theatre Mode, while Nintendo's hardware does a good job of bringing some visual flair, it struggles a little in delivering the intricacy of control that its bigger brothers can.
The only little problems I have with the game is that it forces you to watch replays of every goal and generally makes you hit the 'start' button to skip stuff way too often - which is not the best button on the 3DS.
However, I enjoy soccer video games and since the 3DS library is so limited, I gave PES 2011 3D a try, and am glad I did.
Defending features were added including, new Defender AI making defenders hold their positions naturally and no longer chasing balls that enter their area and forcing them into a mistake.Players will see astonishingly dynamic movement of the ball especially when a long pass is sent.Thankfully it's a problem that soon gets lost in the rhythm of the game, and after having to endure Konami's more recent efforts on Nintendo's handhelds, it's a delight to play something that's so faithful to the source and the end-to-end, flair-led football it deals.So, in terms of the available game modes, PES 2011 3D does feel like a handheld game and given that it has to fit on a cartridge, that was always going to be the case.Rignall, Julian (April 11, 2011).Gamers have to make their passes and lob to their teammates.By Martin Robinson, fIFA might be grabbing all the headlines, but let's not forget that Konami's game never got any less beautiful as it slipped into the shade.Boxer, Steve (March 24, 2011).I enjoy the World Cup when it rolls around and catch an occasional MLS game but I'm no hardcore soccer fan and can't name more than fiveI enjoy the World Cup when it rolls around and catch an occasional MLS game but I'm no hardcore.Online Master League offers online connection with players around the world.

Classic player and teams will be unlocked as you win more on Street Pass.Use Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 and under.It's efficient enough in keeping the ball in view, as well as the player in control, but setting up shots or picking out teammates to pass to is a much tougher exercise.Your team data on Master League will be used for Street Pass and the team with better strategies/stats wealth builder plan icici prudential will win!You can't fault Konami's enthusiasm, but it's still a game that's best played in the traditional, side-on view.Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, but in 3D and instead of the camera being in broadcast view, the camera is behind the currently selected player.Instead, the touch screen is dedicated to doling out snap tactics and housing the radar, and it's here that an unexpected fault of Nintendo's new hardware comes to light.A new "drag and drop" mechanism that can be used in every aspect of team management has been implemented, not just substitutions or formation changes.Indeed, it only really falls short in its multiplayer offerings, with local play and a cute if uninvolving StreetPass feature not enough to compensate for the lack of online play.Improved Goalkeeping was the second part to the defense features, adding players more control over their goalkeepers for more saves and accuracy.
When you take your team out onto the pitch, it becomes easier to forgive these omissions.