pioneer avic z2 manual

The front panel is motorized to provide access to the hidden disc slots, and the default position can be set to any of 6 choices for the optimum viewing angle.
Bluetooth Voice Operation dial any of your programmed entries on the internal hard disk phone book with a simple voice command.
2006 *Optional GEX-P10XMT (sold separately) required for traffic information integration.Where such regulations apply, they must be obeyed.Turn the system off and the check the wiring.Thank you for your help!The service is currently scheduled to become available starting in June 2005.Never Fear, fighting traffic will never be the same again.
The naviga- tion system doesn't operate.

By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies.Cddb is a registered trademark of Gracenote.There is even a dedicated icon for easily locating the nearest car dealer.Such a loss of signal quality may happen for the fol- lowing reasons: The GPS antenna is in an unsuit- able location.and recommends the most efficient path. .Connect and Direct Your iPod, if you're the type to listen to your iPod everywhere you go, you'll love the ability to access your iPod library through your car stereo windows 8 pro oem product key via the avic-Z2.Keep the antenna clear.Between the Z2's ultra-fast processing and the massive Tele Atlas database offering 12 million points of interest, getting where you need to be has never been so easy.Easily connect an iPod via this dedicated adapter and using the intuitive on-screen interface, listeners can scroll through the iPod library and play music.Optional Pioneer Bluetooth adapter (ND-BT1) is required.