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We're available Monday to Friday, 10:30am to 6:30pm EST.Church audio - got that too!Music Production - no instruments, but we will help you with all your recording needs!Im the Company Owner of a etoken pki client 4.5 brand that is known in more than 30 Countries.This means that Why are you using racks for turntables, amplifiers?The designed racks for these components allow you to valorize everything.DJ gear - got it!If someone decides to buy a new system and use our racks, he can be sure that our products will stand the test of time and not be devaluated in the future.Then you can choose between flat black or white, glossy, painted or laminated.Our products are generaly divided in 2 main ranges: the S Series and the Hyperspike Series.Shopping cart, login, the entire Studio Economik's website is now priced in Canadian Dollars only.We make furniture racks, stands and wallshelves.Not every kind of surface helps to improve the experience.Gator 4U Studio Rack, model: GR-studio-4U, price: 139.00 (0 Reviews).We offer 2 main finishes: black and white.

We put a lot of passion for music in our products.Departments Pro Audio Recording Furniture Racks, gator 12U Studio Rack, model: GR-studio-12U, price: 209.00 (0 Reviews).We are the oldest Italian brand in the business, one of the oldest in the world.Model: MZ-GRK2-BK-CHE, price: 349.00 (0 Reviews zaor, miza Rack 2 Desktop Rack - Titanium Wenge.Our criteria, our method of realization is simply based on the fact that we like to produce what we would like to have in our own listening space.Please feel free to call, email, visit or chat with us - We have a team of experienced DJs and technicians to answer all your questions and help you select engineering mathematics books for the best gear for you.If so, stop by our warehouse!The main difference between our products lies in the different quality of materials that are adopted.