ps3 system update slow

It may not be the fastest download around, but it's better than waiting 23 hours to download less than 3 gigs.
After following the steps and connecting my abby fine reader para windows 7 64 bits PS3 to a proxy server, I decided to give it another try and download Counter Strike.I have my Motorola Gateway running to a Lynksis Router in my man-cave, which I then use to connect all of my gaming consoles.For Wireless you will then enter the required information for connecting to the wlan (Network Name and security).Over the past two months or so, Ive been experiencing painfully slow download speeds across all of my PlayStation consoles.If you have any other suggestions to successfully remedy these aformentioned download issues, please feel free to share as well!Now for 'IP Address Setting hit Automatic.I dont see why it would change anything, all of my other devices iPhone, Wii U, Xbox One, MacBook Pro worked fine and performed very well when downloading software and games.

Press the, playStation Button.About a month ago I rented Black Ops 2 and it updated fine, but now I'm getting an error and nothing is downloading.If you don't see improvement after trying 2-3 different DNS servers you have routing issue caused by your internet service provider.So my next course of action was to Google if there were any other PlayStation owners experiencing slow speeds while using AT T Uverse Internet.OpenDNS ( and ).Hit Automatic for MTU, hit Do Not Use for Proxy Server.T) of the download servers.With the most recent bombcast discussion on the problematic download speeds and even around the forums over the years since the launch of the PSN, people seem to bitch and whine that it's "Sony's problem, not mine, my connection gets xx Mbs.".The person suggested that, instead of using the DNS server provided by my ISP when I set up my PS4s network settings automatically, I should manually change the DNS address in my PlayStation 4s network settings to use either.To lay this out I need to first go over process downloading something from the PSN.
Results may vary depending on your ISP.