qubool hai 1st episode

Sarika says she is not with Romi too.
Ishita says she wants the baby for Ruhi, not herself.
Raman asks her not to break down, else who will see Ruhi.Ishita says no dress is fitting me, Raman was saying right, I have really put on weight.She goes to washroom.Bhalla comes and hears them.Manoj talks to Ishita.She cries and smiles.He insists based on her tests.Bhalla says did he have argument with Sarika.Ruhi cries and asks him why.She asks Sarika to give some time to Romi, enjoy his pampering, they will understand each other.He sees Ruhi praying.Raman says dont know where she went.
He sends random friends requests and gets a friend request from a girl.
Manoj says Ishita is strong, dont worry, she is fine.

Raman talks to Manoj about Mihir.Raman thinks he cant gom player 2012 for windows xp tell Ishita that Shagun is pregnant, he is doing this for Ishita and not able to tell her, I made everyone have sweets, just these 6 weeks should pass somehow.Adi peter watcyn jones books asks her to sign the diary and goes to bring something.Manoj says I will check Ishita again, till then you and your Papa wait outside.He cries sharing his pain with her.He hears Ishita and acts like sleeping to avoid talking to her.The Episode starts with Abhishek suggesting Bala to have online chat friend so that their partners know how their value and even the men can get other beautiful girls.