rich text format reader

The content of the N th group in the revision table is considered the author of that revision.
Possible values are 1 (monochrome 4 (16 colors 8 (256 colors) and 24 ( RGB ).
C3DRotationCenterX Fixed Rotation center (X).The number of bytes per element may be 2, 4,.Dpfillbgpal Render fill background color using the palettergb macro instead of the RGB macro in Windows.See the section "Character Formatting Properties" on page 34 of this Application Note for a list of possible values for.You can use headerf if titlepg is not set, but no header will appear.
However, it is not destroyed; if subsequent sections have titlepg set, then the first page header or footer is restored.
PictureBiLevel Boolean Display bi-level.

fillfgpal dpfillfgpal fillcolorbg fillbggray fillbgrgb fillbggray dpfillbggray fillbgrgb dpfillbgcr dpfillbgcg dpfillbgcb fillbgpal?Aul0 turns off all underlining for the alternate font.The Unicode mechanism described here can be applied to any RTF destination or body text.Pgnrestart Page numbers restart at pgnstarts value.N is a number corresponding to a language.This keyword should be emitted in the RTF header section right after the ansi, mac, pc or pca keyword.Headerl Header on left pages only.A value of zero indicates that the height of the frame adjusts macscan 2.6.1 serial number to the contents of the frame.If there are Unicode characters that do not have corresponding ansi characters, they should be output using the uc N and u N keywords.This indicates what type of notes are present in the document.