rocks and minerals powerpoint

This activity is a good opportunity to discuss plagiarism and citing of sources.
Year Level(s years 3-6, Years 7-10, Years 11-12.
Students add one or more image of limestone rock.Students will construct a Powerpoint presentation following the criteria on the handout on this page.Rocks: Rocks are made up of two or more minerals.Hematite can be used to make art.Text should be brief, students should not fill the slide megaman battle network hacks with long text passages.Earth Space, this PowerPoint Presentation has 24 slides on the following topics: Minerals, Rocks and Resources, Minerals, Luster, Streak, Crystal Structure, Hardness, Mohs Scale of Hardness, Cleavage, Density, Rocks, Igneous Rocks, Igneous Rock Formation, Igneous Rock Classification, Sedimentary Rocks, Sedimentary Rock Characteristics, Sedimentary Rock Classification.Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.Rocks minerals, upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this presentation?Conglomerate rocks have large pieces androm in shallow water Siltstone is made up of smaller pieces Limestone is made up of fine grained rock Limestone Sandstone is made up of grains the size ofsand.Bar Chart, thanksgiving, copy and Paste, green Screen.Uses OF minerals:Quartz makes glass.Types Of Rocks, elizabeth Nolen, rocks duncanpatti, types Of Rocks!Subject Area(s earth Environmental Science, Science, topic(s).
Students add one or more images of igneous rock.
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Students will research information and collect images about rocks and minerals using the internet.Earth Science Lessons, science Fun, metamorphic Rock, middle School Science.Provides details of the three main rock types; igenous, metamorphic and sedimentary.Students add a title "Sedimentary Rock".Copy and Paste, practice, m M Excel Chart Newspaper Template.Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide!Rocks and Minerals Student Instructions Handout.Metamorphic rocks Existing rocks are changed through high heat and pressure to form different rocks morph change SlateSchist Marble Gneiss.The information was pulled from the Houghton Mifflin Science textbook.They are formed in the Earths mantle (from heat and pressure) near the surface when oxygen, calcium and carbon combine in the ocean, and when hot, mineral-rich water moves slowly through the cracks in the Earths crust.
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For example, a complete presentation could cover the process of the rock cycle, or cover a discussion of sedimentary rocks about some common types, where they are found, how they are fomed, etc.