rocky mountain chocolate factory canada head office

Conclusion: Overpriced and underflavored.
Their pastry is better.The Pistachio is a novel blend of pistachio and gianduja (hazelnut chocolate) and was quite good.Store: Rue de Commerce 13 / Wavre / Belgium.The O chocolates are more of a novelty, disks with a thin filling.Teuscher may appeal to fans of Swiss chocolate.Conclusion: Good Paris choice for delicate flavors.

The Sesame Nougat is a great piece, a novel combination.It does have only a thin layer of chocolate that could be thicker.I prefer strong flavors, particularly my favored hazelnut.The cinnamon-ginger piece was very good, and the chocolate-coconut livejasmin credits adder v4.1 serial number mixture is notable.The designs were elegant but not as ornate as Burdicks.Its not too late to step into your local Rocky Mtn store and load up on all the ghosts, ghouls and mummies you need.Moonstruck Chocolatier Moonstruck has some truffles with a variety of novel, fresh, and attractive shapes.