rotate mac screen keyboard shortcut

Or press Command-Shift-Option-Esc and hold for 3 seconds to force just the front app to quit.
Press the icon key to perform that function, or combine it with the Fn key to use it as an F1, F2, F3, or other standard function key.
Depending on the version of OS X, things may look slightly differently in the Displays settings panel.
I can confirm that it works with.6.6.If you use multiple input sources to type in different languages, these shortcuts change input sources instead of showing Spotlight.Command-R Show the original file anstoss 2 gold patch for the selected alias.Finder shortcuts Shortcut Description Command-D Duplicate the selected files.If you are using Mavericks (10.9) or earlier, you can force your Mac to rotate any connected display.CommandSlash Hide or show the status bar in Finder windows.5, rotate the screen with an AMD/ATI card.An example of a Mac with an external screen that has been placed into portrait mode have been shown several times in our Mac Setups features, including the image up top from here and here.
Command-E Eject the selected disk or volume.

Try the following shortcuts.As you may have discovered already, this is not an option which is visible immediately in OS X preferences, instead users will need to access a hidden pull-down menu within the Display preferences to toggle and adjust the display orientation setting into portrait or landscape.Open the selected item, or open a dialog to select a file to open.Close out of System Preferences to have the settings stay in effect.Learn more screenshot shortcuts.3, click the "Rotate" menu and select the orientation you want to use.
To view the front app but hide all other apps, press Command-Option-H.
April 6, 2012 mvm saikrishna, fix, there are four shortcuts to set the positions of desktop screen in windows:.