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This veg biryani recipe yields a perfect light biriyani another code r iso loaded with vegetables and mildly spiced.
A great way to use up odds and ends at the end of the week.
I make these very often for my kids school box sometimes for breakfast too.
Potato rice or potato pulao recipe Sharing an easy aloo pulao recipe, suitable for lunch box or a quick meal especially during the monsoon.Pulao or pulav is one of the most common rice dishes that is often made in most Indian homes.Waffle Sandwiches: Waffles spread with cream cheese and strawberries, filled with PB J, etc.Popcorn: Some kids pack potato chips, I sent stove-popped popcorn and kettle corn.Fresh is best, but freeze-dried and dehydrated also make the list.Kiwi: Sliced in half and served with a spoon to scoop it out.Breakfast Sandwich: Apple cinnamon bread or cinnamon swirl bread, cream cheese, fresh fruit slices.Potato recipes are one of the favorite with kids, Pulao recipe with video step by step photos an easy one pot Indian rice pilaf cooked with mild spices and veggies.Plums: Fresh if theyre plums, because they magically change to prunes when you dehydrate them.Indian Food: Served over rice, these saucy meats and vegetables (saag, josh, curry, masala) are perfect foods for packing in thermal containers.A list of ideas to fall back on when packing lunch seems exceptionally difficult for people who have no had morning coffee, who would rather sleep for a few more hours, and who are doing it all while reminding the kids to brush their teeth.Udon: I was just having a conversation with Alice when I was in Seattle about how all kids adore udon.Macaroni and Cheese : Boil extra water for adding to the containers, and then make the sauce while the noodles cook.This delicate tender crisp green leafy vegetable is a powerhouse of nutrition with natures best vitamins and antioxidants.
They are one of the best combinations to make a curry or paratha.
Indian potato recipes or aloo recipes.

Oatmeal: Nutella oatmeal was a hit in the thermal jars (preheated, of course and I believe cardamom pear oatmeal would be, too.Veg biryani recipe, Learn to make vegetable biryani with step by step pictures.You are here: Home kids Lunchbox Series / Lunch Box Recipes for Kids Kids Lunch Box Recipe Ideas.Schezwan fried rice recipe a veg fried rice recipe from Indo chinese cuisine and quite popular on the restaurant menus.Tomato bath recipe This is an easy one pot rice dish from the udupi region of Karnataka and is usually served in the udupi restaurants.Simple, flavorful and delicious sweet corn pulao that is kids friendly.Quesadillas: Cheese, chicken, salsa, tortilla lunch.This post includes recipes using Indian spinach known as palak in Indian languages.Potato is one of the most versatile easily available root vegetable that is used in regular cooking in Indian as well in world cuisines.Check out my recipe index to explore more varieties.
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