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Zigzagged in Medal of Honor: Vanguard, The MG42 has one when the player uses it but keys 2 the city nipsey hussle surprisingly, when the enemies use it they have to reload occasionally, allied soldiers will even tell the player when the enemy with the MG42 is reloading.
Adding to this is the fact that the Bills are approximately the same size as their Blasters.Guard your supply center well.Played straight with Vash's opponents in Trigun, who never seem to run out of ammunition.It isn't actually literally bottomless.In the highway fight at the beginning of Deadpool, Deadpool only has twelve bullets on him and he counts them off (each bullet also has its number engraved on the end of the case).During the longer battles they even keep track of how many spare magazines they have.Farscape : Seems to play this straight as pulse pistols have absurd numbers of t in one episode John runs out of ammo.Another character suggests giving him two guns and taking out a bang.No matter how many he throws at his enemies, he never seems to run out of either weapon in battle.Bond disarms the assassin and the two converse, but Bond "carelessly" allows the assassin to retrieve his dropped pistol which clicks on an empty chamber.Ace Combat Infinity has a variation, where the cannon has a limited amount of ammo, but will instantaneously replenish itself after you let go of the button upon being emptied, and regular missiles as well will very slowly regenerate two at a time once you.This is a large reason why he lost the Body-Count Competition he had going with Gimli at Helm's Deep: he only has about two dozen arrows on him, and he was winning at first because he could fire them more quickly than Gimli could kill.Further subverted with the Tibetan numeria land of fallen stars pdf War tales of eternia psx iso Cannon, which has infinite power, but must be recharged.The weapon's "ammo" actually represents its durability.Curiously, in most games she has bottomless magazines.
The Righteous Bison and Cow Mangler 5000, despite being laser weapons, must be reloaded by pumping their mechanisms Star Ruler averts this with kinetics; when designing your starships you must take into account how long they can fire with the ammo stocks they have.
Kaiba: Now we must both chose three cards to form a new deck, and the rest of our deck goes to the graveyard.

While he has unlimited "magazines seeing as his bullets/arrows seem to come from nothingness itself) he does have to reload.You can reload at any point without wasting bullets or having to move bullets from one magazine to another.Not only that, the bowstring on their weapons is not even real - as in, it's a string of arcane energy.Takes place in a Console RPG.In Geist, you are a ghost that must possess other soldiers in order to fight.The Jungle Book, the regular banana projectiles are the one weapon Mowgli never runs out.Waino says that it simply never occurred to the officers commanding the battle to count how many rounds they had.Switching magazines only takes a few seconds, but loading a magazine with ammunition can take upwards.Not to mention that all gunmen enemies Lara faces also have infinite ammo.In The Fast and the Furious, the villain fires way more rounds than the submachine gun he's carrying can hold in a magazine during the final chase scene.And there's no crosshair, so you'll have to manually aim using the normal iron sight on the gun.
And then here's the cutaway where Dick Cheney shoots Peter with God-knows-how-many bullets.
This also occurs in Army of Two 's Overkill mode.