search and replace word 2011 mac

For me, the most annoying new 'feature' of Office 2011 is the new search (un)function in Word.
Click in the Replace with box.
Try this: With nothing selected in your document, press command-F to put the focus on the search field.
The first thing to note that there are actually two new features in Word 2011.I miss the dialog box and the quick switch to search and replace.I say depending on how lucky you are, because quite often on my machine the foreground selection highlighting colour appears briefly, but then the colour changes to the yellow highlighting, and you have no indication of where the selection is in your document anymore.As the Menu Title enter, advanced Find genuine windows xp validation crack and Replace.Microsoft apparently refuses to admit the very existence and usefulness of background selection highlighting.).All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a supported browser.And now if you click on the search field, right next to the search text on the right and press the Delete key once, in order to edit the search string, instead of just deleting the last letter of the search string, Word deletes the.In the Navigation Pane, click the magnifying glass.Select the entire search text even if thats not what you want and even though it still displays the blinking cursor right next to the end of the search text.) And of course, one should not forget that the scope of the Replace All button.No, contrary to what the selection colour indicates, the focus is still on the search field and typing will change the contents of the search field and lose all your found occurrences.(It certainly was not, and it did need work.) But the new feature really does not make things any better.A search field appears below the ruler bar.And this toolbar button is basically in the middle of nowhere, near the middle of the toolbar, instead of being near the left-hand side, where it would be expected to be found, as a control designed to show/hide the sidebar.
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Lets say you have the Search Pane open and you have something in both the Find and Replace fields in the Search Pane.

Click, view Navigation Pane.(Microsoft cannot decide whether this side thing should be called a pane or a sidebar, so it uses both.Type a string that will be found and wait for Word to highlight the found occurrences.At the top of the dialog box, click Replace.At the top of the Find and Replace dialog box, click Replace and then click in the Find What box, but don't type anything there.To search for a character that's defined as a wildcard character, type a backslash before the character.To replace found text: Click the magnifying glass, and then click.Find and replace: Replace: Replaces the currently selected occurrence of the word or phrase, then automatically finds the next occurrence.Wildcard characters you can use You can refine a search by using any of the following wildcard characters.The end result is that you have the focus and a blinking cursor in the search field, but the selected text in your document still looks like its in the foreground.My view is that the very idea of using a Preview-like sidebar was misguided, because the sidebar-based approach is appropriate for reading/browsing tools, but not for writing tools, primarily because of selection and scope issues.
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