shadow the hedgehog game

What choice do we have?
(get a "B" rank) Hmph.
Bad luck for.(to Eggman) Who is Mephiles?(insane giggle, followed by an insane chuckle, as images flash through his mind) The pieces are coming together.(When starting a race) One lap in the bank, let's deposit the next!Jet: A legendary wind master doesn't accept anything short of absolute victory!I promise you, you'll smile once our adventure is done.Sonic's Story edit Knuckles the Echidna edit Who was that guy?I owe much to you, Shadow.Shadow: Don't blame your own poor performance.You just forgot about our date!Shadow was confused, then the Doom's eye appears with the illusion of their ruler As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here.Rouge: Man, who are those creeps over here?(starting to leave from Mephiles being free) I'm not finished yet!All talk and no action.
I don't know why I was given this job, why it was my fate, destined to be here forever.

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Shadow can perform Chaos Control after the player fills the Hero Gauge by defeating Black Arms soldiers, and he can perform Chaos Blast after filling the Dark Gauge by defeating.U.N.
Everyone here is rooting for you!