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French City Set French Authority: Lock up 10 criminals at the French Police Station.
Which is funny, since the Monster rarely shows up in-game, unless you activate it with the Disasters menu.On the other hand, the difficulty of maintaining a thriving city in gta 4 patch 1060 SimCity 4 is what compels people to keep playing.For instance, it is the responsibility of the city government to fund and operate the police force, whereas in many if not most countries, that's the function of a higher level of government (e.g., in France, it's the central government, while in Germany, it's the.Build two sewage treatment plants, and the game won't know how to balance the load between them, nor will it give you the ability to do so yourself, resulting in backed-up game counter strike xtreme v8 full version pipes and angry citizens simply because one plant gets most of the sewage.Required very precise flying skills to do it without taking damage, but pizza delivery 2 horror game a definite guilty pleasure.In Streets, you can destroy any vehicle, including civilians, rival couriers and police.SimHealth : Try and change the circa-1993 US healthcare system!Elite Estates: Have 50 low density, high wealth residential buildings in your city.Also, one of the large factories in SimCity 4 is called Dead Forest Paper Company.Real Is Brown : SimCity 4 did this with all the buildings in attempt to make them look more subtle.Crapsack World : It can be built, if you really want.Eventually you're asked if you want to hear the moose.

It also has the widest variety of available disasters.Ever wondered why nobody wants to work in your city?Exposition Fairy :.Your advisors will call you out if you're not too nice or competent.UFO Encounter: Ship any resource to a Space Center Great Work.So the "fifth" microwave accident in history can happen after the "ninth" one.One actual obstructive bureaucrat is particularly nit picky, but does not complain as much as some of the others and occasionally rewards you for your efforts with a city hall, courthouse and army barracks.The manual for Sim City 2000 also mentions that, yes, the developers know that cities existed before electricity, but the sims themselves are electronic beings and therefore they require that electricity to live.Several developers turned "the toy game" down because it wasn't 'arcadey'-enough.