starcraft 2 big game hunters

Credits: ax00t, looking for a copy of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty?
When I'm in game I really feel like I'm in the real thing.
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The high grounds in each base are made almost like the original ones and have almost the same drop ship accessibility.References, edit, brood War Map Archive.The map is not exactly the same, but is pretty close.Mineral clusters are now 20000 instead of 1500, and geysers are 50000 instead of 5000.StarCraft map the Hunters " except the mineral and vespene gas reserves have been increased.I try my best to do this Big Game Hunters map.Thx to Archivian for the decoration he did a very good job the very best!Big Game Hunters, players 8, size 128x128, big Game Hunters is a, starCraft map originally released cd juliano cesar 2012 as part of the Maps of the Week release of October 1998.The middle of the map has rich mineral mines and two rich vespene geysers, They are protected by rock to prevent any early advantage.The change that this map has it that every singles geysers on the map is a Rich Vespene Geyser to have almost the same amount of gas as the original map.Another version of my map BGH (SC2).Comments, posts"d: Reply, clear All"s.The amount of vespene gas/minerals mined every trip.The map is identical to the original.So I hope you guys enjoy this map as much as.

Alot of thing were changed in the map terrain derocation and mineral position is better now.The center of the map contains two geysers and a semi circle of minerals, giving the shape of a smiley face on the mini-map.Each base entry can be walled by three structures like for example: two Gateways and one Pylon or two Barracks and one Supply Depot or etc.CurseForge, help, register, sign In, overview, big Game Hunters.When the player adds a command center, nexus or hatchery in the middle of the resources, the result appears to be a "nose".I used the legacy map converter to get the basics into the map, then manually added the cliffs, water, and pathing.I had to move the resources around to make room for the larger starting buildings (5x5 instead of 4x3).Accessed on, theBGH Big Game Hunters Community.
Nothing has been changed to make the map more friendly for the new units.