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The documents were typeset in a form of Times New Roman.
Linotype referred to the design as dirt 3 car game Times or Times Roman.Series 727 and 827 edit Monotype also produced Series 727, in which the heavier strokes of upper-case letters were made slightly thinner.In particular, contrast between strokes was enhanced to give a crisper image.25 26 f However, due to features such as its 'a' and 'e with larger counters and apertures than in Granjon's design, its ball terminal detailing and an increased level of contrast between thick and thin strokes, it has also been compared to fonts from.Contents Twenty-two lines in Times New Roman compared to its predecessor "modern" serif font.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.96 There are some free software metric-compatible fonts used as free Times Roman and Times New Roman alternatives or used for font substitution : URW produced a version of Times New Roman called Nimbus Roman in 1982.Plantin as a basis for the design, but revisions were made to increase legibility and economy of space.Archived from the original on Retrieved "TypeTalk: Times Roman vs Times New Roman".access-date requires url ( help ) Cees de Jong; Alston.A b c d e f g h i j Walter Tracy (January 2003).
As the documents looked unlike most typewritten documents, having proportional spacing rather than the monospacing of almost all typewritten documents, some defenders of the documents suggested that they might have been typed using this method.
It isnt a match, but it does seem similar to the variant used by Stanley Morison in his essay on Times for A Tally of Types(1953 which he describes as a wide version, more suited for longer lines.

Unlike the previous version, it is an original design loosely inspired by a smaller 10 point size of Times New Roman, with a higher x-height than Monotype's Times digitisation.A Ludlow Typograph specimen of Times New Roman Type Specimen from the metal type period.Retrieved 20 February 2007.Txt - License Agreement and Limited Product Warranty, Liberation Font Software".Retrieved "Adobe Times Ten"."Starling Burgess: No Type Designer".The italic was made simpler than Plantin's, losing flourishes on the 'w' and 'v and the entrance stroke to the letter (also seen on Baskerville) on letters like 'u' and 'n'.12 l The Times newspaper has commissioned various successors to Times New Roman: Times Europa was designed by Walter Tracy in 1972 for The Times, as a sturdier alternative to the Times font family, designed for the demands of faster printing presses and cheaper paper.Department of Empirical Linguistics.91 CG Times is a variant of Times family made by Compugraphic Corporation foundry.