subtitle gu family book ep 15

Or I will destroy everything connected to you.
Its time for something to happen between these two, stat.
They just stand there, holding hands and blinking at each other, trying not to think about lips.Kang-chi tightens his fist.Gon extensis universal type client 2 says the day he loses all nine bells, hell be kicked to the curb.But Sung swears he never gave answers, just hinted, and that Kang-chi is just quick on the uptake.He marches back over to her.Lee Soon-shin arrives to meet with Jo Gwan-woong, and they exchange heated barbs, with Lee Soon-shin wondering why Jo Gwan-woong is so afraid of Kang-chi that he wont rest until hes locked away, while Jo Gwan-woong wonders why Lee Soon-shin is harboring a monster.Finally she lets out a scream that Kang-chi can hear, and he goes dashing through the woods.Its Yoon Se-ah, and her characters cover name is Ja Hong-myung, but Im calling her Seo-hwa for simplicitys sake.).Kang-chi doesnt much care to know him, and tells him to get the hell out.She apologizes and tells her to take a long nap and hops out her window cheerily.The warring motivation is both logical and the perfect opposite of everything Kang-chi thinks about humanity, and Im digging the dark horror novels english pdf side version thats worming its way into Kang-chis thoughts.Tae-seo finishes the adage: every battle is won, and then hurls a candlestick at Kang-chis head.He starts to walk out thinking hes had the final word, but she declares, If its not with Kang-chi, I dont want it!Aw, its enough to bring tears to your eyes, the way he looks at her while shes ramblingwith her its trust first, worry first, and theres no doubt in her mind that he might be a killer monster.
Kang-chis caught off-guard and looks over at Gon gratefully.

He erupts, asking if she really thinks a father would give his daughter to a half-beast half-man, which isnt even taking into account what Kang-chi will do when he finds out that her father killed his.Kang-chi runs to the kitchen armed with his bag o beans and declares to Teacher Gong that he has the answer.The monk tells him that hes here to destroy everything that has to do with Seo-hwa, and well, her son is probably high up on his list, as well as everyone around him.The stilted way Kang-chi asks leading questions world time clock conversion ought to tip him off if the other clues didnt, because he asks if Tae-seo really betrayed them and gave up Lee Soon-shins turtle ship designs.Kang-chi cries foul, but Teacher Gong points out that when there are no rules, there are no fouls.We cut to Wol-ryung pacing in his cave, as Kang-chi remembers his warning: Give up trying to become human.
(And since there seems to be some confusion in the threadsno, thats not Lee Yeon-hee playing her.