sunset times kona hawaii 2012

April 01 - Sunset 6:46 pm, april 15 - Sunset 6:53 pm, may 01 - Sunset 6:57.
To illustrate this point, Ill compare the longest and shortest days mac os x 10.6 server review of the year for Honolulu, Hawaii to Chicago, Illinois.October 01 - Sunset 6:19 pm, october 15 - Sunset 6:07 pm, november 01 - Sunset 5:55.Honolulu 5:50 am 7:16 pm 13 hr 26 min 7:05 am 5:55 pm 10 hr 50 min, chicago 5:16 am 8:29 pm 15 hr 13 min 7:15 am 4:23 pm 9 hr 7 min, notice that in Chicago, theres more than a six hour variation.Local time: Thu 10:47 AM HST.City, june 21 Sunrise, june 21 Sunset, june 21 Daylight Hrs.I should also mention that.Dec 21 Sunrise, dec 21 Sunset, dec 21 Daylight Hrs.What other interesting observations have you noticed about this fact?They are not certified to be correct, and they do not incorporate the effects of tropical storms, El NiƱo, seismic events, continental drift, or changes in global sea level.So, when trying to make apples-to-apples comparison of sunrise and sunset times, add an hour to the June times.
July 01 - Sunset 7:17 pm, july 15 - Sunset 7:16 pm, august 01 - Sunset 7:10.
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Web pages copyright Mobile Geographics LLC.NOT FOR navigation, this program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without ANY warranty; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness foarticular purpose. .Since Hawaii is located closer to the equator as compared to the rest of North America, the amount of daylight time as well as the sunrise and sunset times dont vary as much.Kailua Kona, Big Island, Hawaii.6433 N, 156.0000 W Thu 3:51 PM HST.3 feet Low Tide Thu 5:46 PM HST Sunset Thu 9:15 PM HST.9 feet High Tide Fri 1:54 AM HST.5 feet Low Tide Fri 6:29 AM HST Sunrise Fri 9:13.For Honolulu, theres less than a three hour difference from the longest to the shortest day of the year.Generally speaking the further north (or south) you go from the equator, you experience wider variation of sunrise and sunset times through the seasons.May 15 - Sunset 7:03 pm, june 01 - Sunset 7:10 pm, june 15 - Sunset 7:15.We recommend scheduling your wedding ceremony or vow renewal about one hour prior to sunset to allow enough time for your perfect Island of Hawaii sunrise or sunset beach wedding pictures.Both the author and the website provider assume no liability for damages arising from use of these predictions. .November 15 - Sunset 5:50 pm, december 01 - Sunset 5:49 pm, december 15 - Sunset 5:52.Here is the list of current Big Island - Hawaii sunset times throughout the year: January 01 - Sunset 6:01 pm, january 15 - Sunset 6:11 pm, february 01 - Sunset 6:22.