suse linux 10.1 system requirements

Table 1 Memory Requirements for Installing Oracle Fusion Middleware.
Section 3, "Oracle WebLogic Server and JDK Information".Section 4, "Oracle Fusion Middleware Memory and Space Requirements".It is not necessary to install a new 32-bit GCC on your system.This ensures that the Oracle Fusion Middleware software is using the proper version of the JDK software.Use a later version of Oracle WebLogic Server if you want to choose a MySQL database as a data source.The following topics are covered in this document: 1 Using This Document With the Certification Matrix and Product Installation Guides.Kaspersky Anti-Virus.0 for Linux File Servers.For components that are certified on such systems, Oracle recommends using the /3GB switch, as specified in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article #291988.This assigns a local IP address to your computer: After the headmaster's wager epub installing the adapter, add a line to the file with the following format, immediately after the localhost line: IP_address mainname hostname Replace IP_address with the local IP address of the loopback adapter.WebCenter Portal Schemas Spaces and Services prefix_webcenter The read_committed_snapshot option must be turned on, and the database must be configured to use case sensitive collation.8.5 Installing on Operating Systems Not Certified at the Time of Product Release In some cases, an operating system will become certified for use with Oracle Fusion Middleware products after a particular release has been made available.No Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging prefix_IPM None.5.10 Oracle WebCenter Content User Interface Database Driver Requirements The MDS data source in WebCenter Content User Interface cannot work with XA drivers only.
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However, on an IBM DB2 database running on a Linux operating system, this schema name must be shortened to DEV_SOA.If these libraries are not installed on your Windows operating system, then you will receive an error during the prerequisite check phase of these components.In you ned to configure your database for case-insensitive collation, use the CI substring.When the tablespaces are created, RCU will automatically create them with the necessary tablespace sizes.Find the.xls document that includes your products.Execute the following mssql statement to make this assignment: alter login sql_login with default_database default_database Replace sql_login with the login name, and default_database with the default database name.Table 13 Supported Schemas for IBM DB2 Databases Component IBM DB2 Schema Name Operating System User Name AS Common Schemas Metadata Services prefix_MDS prefix_mds SOA and BPM Infrastructure Schemas SOA Infrastructure prefix_SOA prefix_soa User Messaging Service prefix_UMS prefix_ums Oracle WebCenter Portal Schemas Spaces and Services.Each IP address is associated with a host name; additionally, you can set up aliases for each hostname.