tales of hearts english patch ds rom

There are some unused soundbank speeches in Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, and/or Worms World Party (needs more research).
Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica has some unused events that were discovered by the dvd rom drivers for windows vista folks at Project Metafalica, some of which they re-enabled for their patch.
Gunman Clive has test/in-development levels and version differences.Lady Sword has a hidden developer diary in the script.Such as the Steam version's update on July 21, 2015 adding controller support, achievements, cloud saving, and more.It should be noted that the categories present in the game are taken directly from the show's official category list, given to contestants.Hyper Light Drifter has unused enemies and bosses in its data.I, Chowdit1, will probably remake the video in better quality.The "pilot" version included in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D appears to be an early prototype.These are some helpful resources.M Handheld LCD According to the TVTropes page, there's some Dummied Out Tamagotchis on the Tamagotchi ROMs.

Apocalypse himself has an unused (and useless) some sort of fireball attack.Nexus: The Jupiter Incident has a unique demo that was an entirely different from the retail version.Viewpoint has lots of debugging stuff?Commodore Commodore 64 This thread from 2008 mentions a lot of unused things in various C64 games (sprites, hidden messages, other crap).Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal has voice clips for Amy being playable.Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day has some unused graphics.Downloadable patches: To be discussed: non-patch updates for download-only games.This may not be in all versions, though.Chcete se na cokoliv zeptat, vlote zde svj vzkaz a návtvníci tchto stránek se zkuenosti s Acai vám teba na vai otázku odpoví.Bloodrayne has a debug menu, at least in the GameCube version.Love Plus (and its updated re-release ) has anti-piracy methods.
Center Court, a prototype of Passing Shot, has numerous hot keyboard pro 4.0 crack differences.
Gold Box games in general (these are the old SSI D D games such as Pool of Radiance ).