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We have almost refused an orange color and replaced it with a blue color set.
Thaiphoon Burner software is distributed as a free demo version with no trial period.
With the help of Thaiphoon Burner it is possible to program SPD eeprom devices of dram modules on any home, office and server motherboards.
Since version.5 the utility features new SPD Browser.0 which is capable of downloading SPD firmware from the web server of Micron Technology Inc.Now the utility reports jedecs DDR3 memory speed grade, sdram device package, new thermal characteristics, etc.So, the Timing Table Editor and XMP Enhancer for DDR4 SPD contain 15 new standard speed bins both for regular dram and 3D-stacked dram devices DDR4-2400T, DDR4-2666U, DDR4-2933Y, DDR4-2933AA, DDR4-3200W, etc.It is the powerful and simple to use tool that provides all necessary options to create, modify, convert and remove EPP2.0 profiles.Thaiphoon Burner also provides extracting SPD dumps and instant dump opening in the Hex Editor!It enables user to adjust timings in SPD manually too.Besides, it automatically updates the current XMP profiles to the latest revision.1.Features, limitations, super Blaster, dEMO Version, super Blaster.Thaiphoon Burner is extremely cheap comparing to prices for SPD programming hardware devices.Unit Price: EUR 14.65, total: EUR 14.65, info plus 19 sales tax/VAT to EUR 14.65: EUR.78.This should improve interaction with the program.The XMP Enhancer also applies automatic profile data conversion to XMP profiles with early revisions.As to the Timing Table Editor, now it performs automatic adjustment of all timings in accordance with jedec DDR3 standard requirements.

Showshock Softnology offers three license types: Personal, Business and Corporative.With the help of Thaiphoon Burner it is possible to program SPD eeprom devices of dram modules with any home, office and server motherboards.Today Showshock Softnology released the updated version.Yeah, now thanks to the new version of Thaiphoon Burner you should not care about what SPD registers have to be used to over-clock your server memory.Despite Thaiphoon Burner is not digitally signed to be compatible with Windows 7 and Vista 64-bit Edition, the new version can be fully used if UAC is disabled and the Test Signing Mode is turned.Thaiphoon Burner provides easy to use tools for Intel XMP and nvidia EPP profile enhancing and editing SPD firmware.XMP Enhancer Pro fully meets XMP Spec Rev.1 and.2.Besides, after decoding of EPP2.0 profiles Thaiphoon Burner adds extra information on profiles to the report.Once the program has been registered, its registration key is valid only for the current PC hardware configuration and does not allow Thaiphoon Burner license to be transferred to other PC systems.In addition, Thaiphoon Burner provides handy tools for flexible editing, debugging, tweaking and flashing SPD.No any special skills or devices required.