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Chicago Sun-Times "An excellent book for familias who are caring for persons with dementia.
Some change dramatically.
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Edition, read, borrow, buy 1981, Johns Hopkins University Press, the 36-hour day in English 1991, Johns Hopkins University Press.The authors offer realistic advice that sometimes it is better to concede the patient's frailties than try to do something about them, and that a compassionate sense of humor often helps.".Whether a person has Alzheimer disease or another form of dementia, he or she will face a host of problems.Some people experiences changes in personality.The 36-Hour Day is the definitive dementia care guide.The 36-hour day in English 1999, Johns Hopkins University Press, the 36-hour day in English - 3rd.Adding to In library add subjects from new record add works page.Some retain the qualities they always had.1992, Hodder Stoughton with Age Concern.Featuring useful takeaway messages and informed by recent research into the causes of and the search for therapies to prevent or cure dementia, this edition includes new information on devices to make life simpler and safer for people who have dementia strategies for delaying behavioral.The 36-hour Day is a great reference book to refer to over-and-over again.more.The book is specific and thought-provoking, and it will be helpful to anyone even remotely involved with an 'impaired' person.The 36-hour day in English - Rev.New York Review of Books "An excellent, practical manual for families and professionals involved in the care of persons with progressive illnesses.
Just a few things from the book.

Severe memory loss is never a normal part of growing older."Both a guide and a legend.".A book that physicians can confidently recommend to the families of their patients.".Dementia does not mean the person is crazy.Highly recommended, especially for public and nursing libraries.".Importance of following a Mediterranean diet.October 9, 2006, The Johns Hopkins University Press.