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One of the last skits on the disc is a rather ironic clannad episode 2 english dub scene, where he's walking in a graveyard going to each of his friends ( from SNL) graves- as if he was the last to die; when he was the first one to die.
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So I'm looking for something play on VHS, as I'm going to be watching in a room with only a VCR.Manage your photos, credits, more.Unfortunately, my VCR ate this tape and killed itself doing.Showcase yourself on IMDb Amazon.Find industry contacts talent representation.Reviews, add to Collection, add to Wantlist Remove from Wantlist.This is how I happened mortal kombat kollection product key to rediscover THE best OF john belushi, a tape I originally enjoyed when it came out over 20 years ago.NFL Schedule, nHL Schedule, mLB Schedule, nBA Schedule.Casting is one of the most important processes in movie making.And I want to tell you, even though I've seen all these bits before (and several of them multiple times through the years the laughs still come.Nearly a quarter of a century after Bluto checked out, he's still one of the funniest guys ever to grace us with comedy.4 out of 4 people found the following review useful: I've got Soon-Shine, unt a Klow-dy day.Even if you didn't love him before, you will after watching this.Full plot summary below ).I didn't exactly grow up during the Belushi, as he sadly died 5 years before I was even born.Both great classics in their own right.
IT has some of his greatest skits- Samurai (love the samurai deli Beethoven, The Disco (forget the name of it Olympia Restaurant (Cheese burger, Pepsi- no coke) but granted it also left out a lot of his better skits- blues brothers and such.
It'll have you in stitches.

It even ends on an ironic, somewhat morbid note (a little skit showing Belushi as an old man, talking about how he outlived the other players).It is wonderful - a great goodbye to the Love of her life.It still isn't out on DVD, but I check every now and then.Placing the right actors in the right roles can determine whether or not an entire film rings true.Message to Warner Home video-GET this OUT ON DVD, AND quick!Lost Roles is a weekly series that examines the missed opportunities the roles that could have been and explores how some casting choices that almost happened could have changed the film industry and the comedy world at large.