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The southern third of Costa da Caparica coastline lies with the books in russian for ipad Arriba Fóssil da Costa nature reserve, so these pristine beaches are protected from any major tourist development.
Surf equipment can be hired at Costa da Caparica for 15/25 (half/full day - bodyboard or surfboard with a wetsuit).The better you prepare, the more fun you will have: you'll be fit and ready, have the right gear and be at the right place.Surf help, things to consider: The first thing to consider is how strong a swimmer you are, and how far you can swim.The mini train provides links to the much quieter southern beaches.A good surfer will make paddling, carving and wave riding look effortless, but the reality is that there is a lot of physical work involved in paddling around, getting up on your board and doing maneuvers.If you're up for a surf first thing in the morning you should wait until after for your breakfast.At the beach, there is plenty of car parking, and if youre willing to park on the field there is free car parking.Costa da Caparica is a lively and modern resort town that is adored by the Portuguese, but virtually unknown by foreign tourists.Add a Comment:only if you are a bot.Surfing is popular at Carcavelos beach.They will always go in the hold as they are dangerous goods, regardless of whether they are for hunting or sport.Praia de Carcavelos is the ideal choice of beach for visitors who are new to Lisbon, as it is easy to travel to and is equally suited for families, young couples or the more mature tourist.If the walk to the beach is an inconvenience consider the Praia do Tamariz, in Estoril, which is directly next to the train station.For a guide to the best hotels.
During the autumn and winter the waves tend to be more powerful and the beach is an excellent location for surfing.

Carcavelos Beach before the summer crowds arrive.The stunning beach of Praia Carcavelos.For details of all of the urban train fares, on an over complicated PDF, please see the CP website: (link opens new tab the Sao Julião fort a great back drop to the beach.Surfing at Costa da Caparica, the Costa da Caparica is a popular destination for surfing as there are always constant recent waves that roll in from the powerful Atlantic Ocean.The Sao Julião fort, marks the mouth of the Rio Tejo, therefore Carcavelos beach technically opens out onto the Atlantic Ocean while everything to the east faces the River Tejo.Insider Tip: Always keep the receipt from the ticket machines as they sometimes fail to charge the Viva Viagem cards and railway staff are very sceptical of a bought a ticket but.
These restaurants and cafes are designed for Portuguese tourists, so they offer exceptional value for money, especially when the meal is based around the freshly caught fish.