the next episode snoop dogg

Dre: Straight off the fuckin streets of C-P-T King of the beats you ride to em in your Fleet (Fleetwood) or Coupe DeVille rollin on dubs How you feelin whooptywhoop nigga whut?
Dre and Snoop chronic'ed out in the 'llac with Doc in the back, sippin on 'gnac (yeah) Clip in the strap, Dippin through hoods (what hoods?) Compton, Long Beach, Inglewood!
blaze it up, blaze it up!
Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode".(Just blaze that shit up nigga, yeah, 'sup Snoop?) Top Dogg, bite em all, nigga Burn the shit up D-P-G-C my nigga turn that shit up C-P-T, L-B-C, yeah we hookin back chemistry the central science 12th edition pdf up And when they bang this in the club baby You got.Top Dogg, bite em all, nigga.Compton, Long Beach, Inglewood!(So blaze the weed up then!) Blaze it up, blaze it up!South Central out to the Westside (wessyde) It's California Love, This California bud got A nigga gang of pub I'm on one, I might bail up in the Century Club with my jeans on, and my team strong Get my drink on, and my smoke.Snoop Dogg: (Kurupt snoop Dogg: (Kurupt it's the motherfuckin D-O-double-G (snoop dogg!).

Nate Dogg: Hold up, waiiiiiiit for my niggaz who be thinkin we soft We don't, playyyyyyy We gon' rock it 'Til the wheels fall off Hold up, heyyyyyyyy for my niggaz who be actin too bold Take a, seeaaaaaat Hope you ready for the next.You know who's back up in this motherfucker!).What what what what?you know I'm mobbin with the.R.E.Snoop Dogg: (Kurupt) La-la-da-da-dahh It's the motherfuckin D-O-double-G (snoop dogg!) La-la-da-da-dahh You know I'm mobbin with the.R.E.Dre motherfucker!) Snoop: La-la-da-da-dahhh Dre: You know I'm mobbin with the D-O-double-G.(yeah yeah yeah You know who's back up in this motherfucker!) What what what what?Snoop, dogg (trap minecrafter YT), the.Dre Snoop, dogg -.Dre snoop dogg -."Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures" (PDF).
"Azeem Rafiq shows his credentials".