the vampire diaries season 3 episode 14

After Stefan prevents Damon from stopping her, she learns that Esther, aided by son Finn, needs Doppleganger blood to put a fatal spell on her children, the others being an 'abomination' except Elijah, firstly binding their fate.
On the next page, she notices a rope with two knots.Plot Synopsis, plot Keywords: party gift ritual execution dancing, see All (6) genres: Drama, fantasy, horror.Loved Klaus and Caroline."One thing The Vampire Diaries has made a point of emphasizing in the past is that Elena likes to make her own decisions, and this episode was another example of that.Elena finds Stefan as he gets ready to leave the cave and confronts him about Brian Walters murder.Suddenly he gasps for air and looks up at Caroline.Sheriff Forbes arrives at Elenas house with the wooden stake used to kill the medical examiner Brian Walters.He reveals his passion for drawing and painting but Caroline keeps asking him to free Tyler (.See more"s, stefan Salvatore : If I let myself care, all I feel is pain!Written by, kGF Vissers, plot Summary.Dire consequences." 3 Carrie Raisler from The.V.Club gave the episode a B rating saying that the episode is a "very fine" one and the Originals are the characters responsible for that.Under his protection, Elena would live a long healthy life.Dhalyn Warren from Fanbolt gave the episode an A rating saying that overall she loved the episode and it went by so fast.Damon tells Stefan that he met with Elijah and they have arranged to meet later and try to come to some sort of truce.Making sure they were still breathing, they look at the coffin and are shocked to see it was empty.
She also tells Elena her plan and that the real reason she wanted all her children together was to link them as one so she will be able to kill them and "fix" the evil she created years ago.

So much good stuff." 7 References edit Richenthal, Matt (February 10, 2012).Esther windows media player portable gratis explains to Elena why she is not dead even though Klaus killed her many years ago.Raisler, Carrie (February 9, 2012).She is not very happy when he yells her he has no plans to drink blood and does not want to become a Vampire.In "Dangerous Liaisons" one can hear the songs: 1, reception edit Ratings edit In its original American broadcast, "Dangerous Liaisons" was watched.08 million; up.34 from the previous episode.Elijah and Klaus bring up the name Tatia.Not wanting to believe it but now he seriously suspects Meredith of the killings.Meredith informs her that she signed her fathers release the night before.The Season 3 version of Damon may be more in touch with his feelings, but he is still Damon and still has a tendency to act recklessly.Warren, Dhalyn (February 10, 2012).TV by the Numbers.
Stefan is very hesitant to go love the one you're with emily giffin epub but finally decides it was worth a chance.
Nathaniel Buzolic ) help to hurt Matt so that she can get revenge on Elena for stabbing her, but spending time with Matt makes her change her mind while Klaus confesses to Caroline that he likes her and keeps flirting with her all night.