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Although this is an experience still based on decapitating hundreds of identical beasties, Sony Santa Monica keeps your journey constantly breezing, thanks to varied set-pieces and a revolving carousel of evocative locations.
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After opening with one of best sustained scraps on PlayStation, GOWs mighty Hydra scuffle is followed up by just two other boss fights in the entire game.
Compare that to the sequels dozen offerings and the increased scale of Ghost Of Sparta.0 is as striking as a tiara-sporting Cyclops entering the Miss Teen USA Bikini Finals.You can find them here.God of War 2, sony.God of War game.Ah well, at least your freshly man-sized, surly Spartan has to contend with a sentient statue that makes the giant metal dude in Jason And The Argonauts look like a garden gnome.After all, when youre a strapping slab of irritable Ancient Greek muscle who can zap himself into a skyscraper-sized slaphead, youre not going to sweat a narked-off Harpy.Before we get onto the list, here are a few things to consider.Chains of Olympus bound to the foot of our list.
Kratos's second PSP adventure, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, improved on its predecessor in numerous ways and is easily one of the best games ever to appear on the system.

The solo campaign was essentially more of the same, and while Sony Santa Monica's attempts to expand the series with multiplayer were admirable, the game as a whole left some fans dissatisfied.God of War series is the best thing to happen to Greek Mythology since.Refined combat mechanics made disembowelling centaurs and blinding Cyclopes as gratifying as ever, but it still felt like a footnote to the saga's more definitive chapters on console.God Of War 3 Remastered Cheats, Codes Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ - PS4.God of War: Chains of Olympus, tasked with scaling down an expansive formula for PlayStation Portable.God of War 3 may be getting the fancy PS4 HD treatment, but it's God of War 2 that stands head and angry shoulders above the rest of the series.God of War: Ascension, sony, our, god of War: Ascension review, although we've ranked this the lowest of the console instalments, God of War: Ascension contained all the series' hallmarks and was one of the better releases of the PlayStation 3's twilight phase.120, cheatCC, god Of War 2 Cheats, Codes Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ - PS2.Sensibly, God Of War 2 immediately nerfs your antiheros Olympian powers, reducing him to a mere uh, near-unstoppable killing machine.And oh, what bosses they are.Or maybe you want to take advantage of some great offers on magazine subscriptions?
Sony, advertisement - Continue Reading Below, the.
First off, only games released on PlayStation systems were considered for ranking.