trainz paint shed 2009

The view detail maps, P, P, should have the model aligned to the centre.
These files should all be 8-bit.BMP files and of the same resolution as the corresponding file in the models skin folder,.g.
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For example the purple colour on the top of the box is shown needs to be exactly the same colour in the top_P, preview_P and the main_P.Tools for animation, modeling, simulation, visual effects, rendering and more.131 Autodesk 8,494 Shareware.Flatcar) folder contains detail maps (8-bit.BMP format seen above and below in a Paint Shed cruise ship captain game work area, that Paint Shed colours using the masks from a scheme subfolder.Introduction, welcome to the, trainz Paint Shed Customization Guide.P and left_P, typical.Transparent area of the logo must RBG value of 255, 0, 255).TXT file needs to reference the P file as primary texture.Other parts of the model, such as couplers that will not be repainted, can be textured with another texture map if necessary.TXT must have an additional line shiver vanishing hitchhiker game ' flipped.' The vertical offset is with respect to a main image that has been ' flipped ' vertically.Creating a New Model Typical directory structure for new model: Config.Creating a New Paint Schemes This section gives brief guidelines for creation of a new paint scheme for an existing model.Flatcar) - must be the same name as the skin folder company painted_company origin painted_origin modeled_train (e.g.

These must be the same size as they corresponding detail maps.P and consist_P (128x64 pixel size typical.Simple Mask Examples This mask set would only allow the box to be coloured with a single colour: This mask set would allow the four sides and the top of the box to be painted different colours: Custom Logos Custom logos should be saved.The 'y' value defines the vertical offset.Results 1 to 1.Flatcar art folder: The art_512.TXT file needs to reference the P file as primary texture, and the art_icon.The model must be mapped with equal horizontal and vertical texture scaling, otherwise the text and logos placed with Paint Shed will be stretched when used in the game.P and main_P (512x512 pixel size typical.