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Transcript Information edit, episode, transcript, gallery, credits, season : 3, episode : 45a.
You've shrunken everybody in Bikini Bottom!Let's call Mermaid Man and- SpongeBob: snatching Squidward No!We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers Wikia is not accessible if youve made further modifications.Barnacle Boy gets out a 5 bill from his hat and he throws it to Squidward Barnacle Boy: Well next time danger threatens, don't expect any help from us!But like, a real one, babe.The sound of a brief gulp escapes from Mama Lindsays throat as she manages to swallow that little bit of vomit that escaped as Eric asked for her van morrison into the mystic blessing before she calmly replied, Rachels father and I love Rachel, and we support her no matter.Shrinks fish Fish #2: SpongeBob, hi!Reply Polyester Funk said at 12:31 AM on Thu May 26 2016 @BioZero216 Sounds like John Snyder as the guy at the very end of the Toonami clip.
Well Lex seems to have a solid track record (I enjoyed the Yuki Yuna and Aldnoah dubs).
Lets hope funimation or sentai get the rights to it later.

She smiles at Eric, who is literally too dumb to realize that she did not, in fact, give him permission to propose to her daughter.But heres the thing.Barnacle Boy: Floor it!SpongeBob: yells in Squidward's face No!That was supposed to be an inside thought!Shows Patrick the shrunken Squidward Patrick: A Squidward action figure!You forgot Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy drive away Mermaid Man's secret utility belt!SpongeBob changes Squidward into a burning mess, then changes him to have an enormous nose, then to have no skin, then cut in half by scissors, then changed into more things off screen while SpongeBob looks in fright.SpongeBob: wails and tears himself I'm begging you!Rachel: Tell me how youre feeling about me, then.