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Caution: In Excel 2003, a new object, isCell, was introduced.
When using a default value for a parameter, you don't call the IsMissing function.For example, the parameter B in the function below is optional with a default value.Currently A1 contains value.The code for a UDF should be placed in a standard code module, not one of the Sheet modules and not in the ThisWorkbook module.As noted before, use ller not isCell to get a reference to the range of cells calling the function.IsCell returns a reference to the first (upper left) cell in the range from which the UDF was called.Although, the functions parameters suggest taking both a RowIndex and ColumnIndex actually the first argument you provide will be the column index.'If Shift omitted, Excel decides - shift up in this case Range.Delete 'Delete and Shift remaining cells left Range.Delete xlShiftToLeft 'Delete and Shift remaining cells up Range.Delete xlShiftTop 'Delete entire row 2 and shift up Range B2 lete 'Delete entire column.Copy function Range copy functionThe Copy function works on a single cell, subset of cell or subset of rows/columns.Read more on For vs For Each loops here Traversing the UsedRange Excel Range Worksheet UsedRangeEvery Worksheet has a UsedRange.XlPasteAllUsingSourceTheme 13 Everything will be pasted using the source theme.If you reference other cells directly from within the function, Excel may not recalculate the function when that cell is changed.Your function should work the same regardless of where it was called from.Caution: Excel does not handle well the case when a workbook contains a function with the same name as a function in an Add-In.
Cell 2 (optional the top-left or bottom-right of the cell range to be selected.
Visual Basic for MS Excel.

A2, wont be self-explanatory.Of course, the code above counts the number of parameters within the ParamArray, not the total number of parameters to the function.The basic syntax looks like this: Range(A1).Offset(2,3).Value 4 This will change the value of the cell two cells below, and three cells to the right of A1.This problem occurs only when the workbook and an Add-In both have a function with the same name.If we wanted to select the first column, we would write Cells(1,1).Lect 'Select B2 Cells are Ranges which means they are not a separate data type: Dim myRange as Range Set myRange Cells(1,1) 'Cell A1 Range Rows and Columns As we all know an Excel Worksheet is divided into Rows and Columns.Possible values: Constant Value Description xlA1 1 Default.XlPasteSpecialOperationDivide 5 Copied data will be divided with the value in the destination cell.