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Let us see ms office 2004 for windows the samples by opening the project and running.
Select Dataset then after clicking on Next it will move to the next screen as shown in the screen below: Here we use the connection to the Northwind Database; else we can make use of the New connection to connect to any new servers locally.
Chart controls provide a rich user interface for showing the numbers in a very graphical format that most end users are eager to see.Exe) and save it to your local machine.Microsoft as introduced this control with a strong awareness of the present scenario of showing the data in an image rather than a grid view or some data viewer controls.Now double-click on the Mschart.Oracle Instant Client, t ClientNetManager.Oracle Providers for T, oracle Providers for.After selecting the database and clicking on next it will go 88 keys to euphoria to the next screen where we need to do the configuration as shown in the screen below: Here based on the requirements we can select the model from which the data should be pulled.Oracle Providers for T veloper Tools for Visual Studio, oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (ODT)Visual StudioVisualStudioVisualStudio. .In this article we are going to see how to use the new charting control with Visual Studio 2010.From here we will select the SQL database.Once the connection is selected click on next to go to the next window where we need to select the table from which we need to pull the data as shown in the screen below: Here we can select as per the requirement on the.Now we are ready with the development environment where we have the chart control installed and tested completely.First enable a 3D view as shown in the following screen: Now we need to select the Inclination on how much the 3D view should be shown to the user; the best option to show idm terbaru 2012 full patch the chart in 3D view to the user will.In our example we will fetch the data from the database and show the result in a chart.We have downloaded some samples from the msdn archive (3rd download).Now to build and execute the project press F5 and we will see the screen loaded and shown as below: Now we are done with the charting control for a web application.
Click on the license agreement to proceed further as shown in screen below.

Here we will select 50 and we will see the inclination in the background chart as shown in the screen below: Next section is the Rotation; we need to set the rotation something between 30 to 70 to show the majority of our output.We need to navigate to where we downloaded the samples and open the solution as shown in the screen below: It will open the solution with pre-loaded samples as shown in the screen below: Now we will build the solution and execute the project.Oracle Developer Toolsodac 32-bit Oracle Data Access Components (odac) with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (2011.06 32-bit OracleData Access Components (odac) Downloads (2011.06, oTN, setup.Here the pop-up shows the list of data source providers available, since in our example we are going to get the data from the SQL Server we are going to select SQL from the list available as shown in the screen below: Now click.We need to manually do the changes here as needed.The Microsoft Chart control samples are a number of samples on both Windows and web applications that provide a very good start for the beginners to start and use the control.We are going to create a new application in C# and name it as WinDashboard as shown in the following screen: Drag and drop the chart control to the form as shown in the screen below: Now like in a web application we will not.Also the control provides most of the features required to make the chart more attractive, like providing lines, labels, trend lines etc.We can find the Chart control in the toolbox as shown in the screen below.Now let us jump start to see the example of using this chart control.Since the files are placed in the GAC we can use it globally without placing the DLLs in each and every BIN folder.
To do some enhancements just select the chart and go to properties and go to the Chart Areas as shown in the following screen: Select the tool box to open the configuration window for the chart as shown below: This is the window where.
The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Chart Controls Add-on helps to add the control to the toolbox and gives the intellisense support for the chart application.