visual studio 2012 oracle developer tools

Data Editing, Stored Procedure Testing, Adhoc SQL Execution: key and peele les miserables When testing your.NET application you can use the Oracle Data Window to insert and update Oracle data.
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Im not going to regurgitate a lot of how to here, instead Ill refer you to a good article on the Oracle site, at ml or m/lrz.
Now, I just get the splash screen of VS 2015 when I try to open before it crashed.I found a useful and important add-in for those who deal with Oracle databases using Visual Studio.You can obtain ODT for VS directly from Oracle, at no cost.Nested under the table (or object) they're associated with.Odac 12c R4 supports VS 2012.It's not really there yet, but hey it's better than nothing I guess.Integrated Online Help System: The integrated context sensitive online help, including the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Users Guides puts the Oracle documentation at your fingertips.This is easily fixed by using a symlink until oracle can fix.Schema Compare Tools: New!If kamen rider ooo episode 48 sub indo you work with Oracle databases, this is a must have add-on for your Visual Studio environment.
User-Defined Types (UDTs Create UDTs in Oracle with multiple new designers.
list of new features by version oracle Data Access Components.2 Release 1 Data Sheet (PDF) New!

The Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio (ODT) is a tightly integrated "Add-in" for Microsoft Visual Studio.Look at Microsoft's implementation of a Database Project for pointers on what you need to add.You can even seamlessly step from your.NET code into your PL/SQL stored procedure code and back out again!But whats really powerful is I can set a breakpoint, and step from my t or C# code right into the stored procedure, step through the stored procedure, then back into my application.I uninstalled Oracle Dev tools, and VS2015 is running normally again.I installed VS 2015 and updated through update.
I had been back on VS 2012.
Manage Users, Roles and Privileges: Create Users and Roles using graphical designers.