vmware vcenter multi-hypervisor manager 1.1

Having the possibility manage vSphere and Hyper-V.0 seems exciting for homelabers and users willing to run vSphere with Microsoft Hyper-V in the same environment with a possibility to manage both with single tool VMware vCenter.
Not only manage, but also move VMs from one hypevizor to the other.
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Name: z, release Date:, open Source Code for vSphere Update Manager.1 Update.This is a quick post covering the install process.This website is maintained by Vladan seget.Installing VMware Multi Hypervisor Manager.1.The first step is to install the Multi Hypervisor Management software itself.Multiple objects selection in the UI and a number of other usability improvements.En_US Ins Name :.v6.j8 Select Your Language loading.AloeveraBeach - Rent a Flat 300m from the beach.MD5SUM: sHA1SUM: open Source Code for vSphere Update Manager.1 Update.Migration of virtual machines from Hyper-V to ESX or ESXi hosts.The last step here is to click Install.Once the install has finished you should see a new plugin in vCenter: Youre now ready to get started with managing non-VMware hypervisors from within vCenter.
Its recommended to use an IP address here (in the drop down menu) rather than fqdn: The next screen will ask whether we want to configure connection properties for VMware Converter.

Ability to provide custom certificates for the MHM server 360amigo system speedup pro key from the installer wizard.Once the installer is complete, we can go ahead and install the vCenter plugin: Another install wizard will begin, though there arent any configuration options with this one.Many users are testing Hyper-V.0 in test environment side by side with VMware and having single management console makes somehow the management more easier.File size: 114 MB, file type: tgz, read More.The tool is provided with client and server part.File size: 60 KB, file type: txt, read More.BTW they won VMworld 2012 Gold Award for that.But isnt VMware just cutting the branch where it sits?Feel free to network via Twitter @vladan.VMware, product Resources, product/Details, vC Server, NGC, and VC Applicance Open Source Files.
VMware vCenter Multi Hypervizor Manager.1 is free product which allows you to manage along with vSphere, the latest version of Microsoft Hyper-V.