walk a mile in my shoes elvis box set

«Where Did They Go, Lord» Dallas Frazier,.L.
And then I'd cry, cry, cry.Then walk a mile in my shoes.That you've been blind, walk a mile in my shoes.«Rags to Riches» Richard Adler, Jerry Ross 1:54.It's Still Here, original Unedited Version Ending With Felton Jarvis Talking 3:31.Go you and I, if I only had the wings.
Just walk a mile in my shoes.

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Now if we spend the day.Throwin' stones at one another, cause I don't think, cause I don't think.«An off road drive game demo American Trilogy» Mickey Newbury 4:30.«Always on My Mind» Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson 3:37.Well, I may be common people.If I could be you, if you could.«The Sound of Your Cry» Bernie Baum, Bill Giant, Buddy Kaye 3:17.And out in the ghetto, and brother there, but for the grace of God, Go you and I, If I only had wings of a little angel.It's hurtin' you, Lord have mercy.Yeah, before you abuse, criticize and accuse.