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Elements of the Syrian opposition have been targeted by malware campaigns since the early days of the conflict: regime-linked malware groups, the Syrian Electronic Army, isis, and marvel vs capcom 2 psp game a group linked to Lebanon reported by FireEye in 2015 have all attempted to penetrate opposition computers and.
Archived from the original on August 6, 2011.The report concluded that there was strong circumstantial evidence linking the malware to members of isis.These groups benefit from known links to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, which has a direct and strong interest in monitoring members of the Syrian Opposition, including the groups apparently targeted in this operation.149 150 The list included the Twitter accounts of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, The New York Times and BBC News.The hashes of this file are: MD5 SHA b c1882f9f3 Similar to the case of Dropper Doc 1 above, we find a PDB entry present in the decrypting stub executable: Studio Again we can observe the same username.On the input side, light reading sensors from smartphones or even scanners have been used to demonstrate how to send data to a compromised device.Below are the PDB strings discovered when examining the crypted njRAT and NanoCore files: Reference: Doc Dropper 1 Crypter MD5: Compile Time: 9/30/2015 00:02:51 c:users.PAC Crypt Commonly used in malware campaigns, crypters are programs which are designed to disguise the underlying malicious binary by hiding it within a layer of obfuscation which is then deobfuscated at the time of execution.168 They also attacked the login servers of the multiplayer online game EVE Online, which also disabled the game's front-facing website, and the League of Legends login servers."LulzSec hits Brazilian websites".Also in 2004, Adi Shamir, Eran Tromer and Daniel Genkin demonstrated that its possible to conduct timing attacks against a CPU performing cryptographic operations by analysing from ultrasonic noise emanating from capacitors and inductors on computer motherboards and implemented a successful attack on RSA.Exe, we again arrive at a decrypting stub file which will AES decrypt a base64 string variable and run it from memory.Archived from the original on January 23, 2012.A b George-Cosh, David (January 25, 2008).This APK sample enables several services including Controller, gpslocation and Toaster (See Figure 34).
These malware groups have been active since 2011, and have used a wide range of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (cots) Remote Access Trojans (RATs) to target the opposition.

Rovzar, Chris (July 18, 2011)."What It's Like to Participate in Anonymous' Actions".Magnetic Digital compass app Its hard to find a smartphone these days that doesnt have a compass."Anonymous hackers jailed for cyber attacks".It is possible this was an oversight, or that the Group5 operator at the time was not comfortable writing in Arabic.Retrieved June 14, 2011.Conclusion When Syrian opposition figure Noura Al-Ameer sensed something wrong and refrained from clicking, she frustrated a reasonably well put together deception.Research into the PAC Crypt tool revealed that this program is developed and sold by an Iranian malware developer known.A series of domain names associated with online multi-player games were directed to this Hetzner IP, one of which was apparently hosting a malicious html document.
If you believe you may have been targeted by this operation, or other Syrian malware, you are welcome to get in touch with our researchers.
This is possible because the light intensity of the last few thousand pixels drawn by a CRT leaked a low-pass filtered version of the video signal.