word 2010 watermark on all sections

To center the watermark between the top and bottom of the page, select the header and make sure the cursor is in iata dgr 2014 pdf front of the in Picture.
In the Design ribbon, click Picture.
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Generally, the number of algorithms is a casual number.Notes: The background appears only on the current worksheet.The company logo watermark appears in the currently displayed worksheet.Testing is conducted on a limited scale.You create the text you want for your watermark in a custom graphic in a standard picture file format such.PNG,.JPG.BMP, and import it into the Excel worksheet header.In the dialog box, click, browse.Mosaic world map stock photo, parallel World Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images Vectors.In the dialog box, click Browse.
In the header, youll see Picture.
Insert a Company Logo as a Watermark When you want worksheet printouts to reflect your company brand, you can add a company logo graphic as a watermark on all the printed pages of your worksheet.