workshop manual mazda 323

Mazda is a Japanese automaker based in Japan.
Sedan BC1M-50-111B 10 Bar Assy, Reinforcement Hatchback.A.This includes the MX-5, RX-7, 3 and 6 models.It has produced many different models throughout the years, with some remaining popular today.Front seat 311, front steering 305, front suspension 303.Paint code location Paint code located on left center pillar.Emission 307, engine/trans 305, engine/trans 306.The company was founded in 1920 and has more than 37,000 employees.Mazda is also involved in motorsport, starting back in 1968 when it entered the Marathon de la Route at the Nurburgring.Engine 01, transmission / transaxle 05, oN-board diagnostic books by pg wodehouse engine control system (ZM) 01-02A, oN-board diagnostic 05-02, oN-board diagnostic engine control system (FS) 01-02B, symptom troubleshooting 05-03, oN-board diagnostic cruise control system 01-02C.Clear coat identification All metallic colors are clear coat.
Quarter glass 317 quarter panel 316 rear body 319 rear bumper 320 rear door 313 rear lamps 319 rear seat 311 rear suspension 318 310 315 seat belts 311 special 299 steering pump 305 steering wheel/column 305 sunroof 315 underhood dimensions 302 wheel 303 308.

Supplemental restraint system Refer to Procedure Explanation 29 for Supplemental Restraint/Air Bag abbyy finereader 11 corporate crack activation Special Cautions.If the foam rubber becomes damaged, a urethane block should be inserted in place of the damaged urethane.BC4C-50-031 Painted (P) 95-96 BC1M-50-031A-8J 97-98 BG1N-50-031A-8J (P) Paint to Match 2 Grommet, Cover R/L BC1M-50-0Z5 3 Fastener, Cover BF Nut, Clip R/lip, Cover R/L B01J-50-B11 6 Bracket Assy, License Plate BC1M Holder, Plate GJ Included w/License Plate Bracket Assy 8 Retainer, License Brkt.Fuel tank 318, grille 299, hOOD 300, information 299.Clutch 05-10, symptom troubleshooting engine control system (ZM) 01-03A, manual transaxle F25M-R 05-15A, symptom troubleshooting engine control system (FS) 01-03B, manual transaxle G15M-R 05-15B, mechanical ZM 01-10A, manual transaxle shift mechanism 05-16.Front fender 302, front inner 302, front lamps 300.