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On August 10, 1998, WCW regained the lead for six weeks.
On March 27, 1988 the same night as WrestleMania IV the first Clash of the Champions aired.'s non-compete agreement with wheel of time 13 audiobook Turner, to whom he had sold in 1988, expired and vice city 3d games he decided to start promoting with the NWA again.The Monday Night Wars edit : The debut of Monday Nitro edit Lex Luger made his WCW return on the first episode of Nitro Monday Nitro premiered on September 4, 1995 as an hour-long weekly show, and Bischoff was instrumental in the launching of the.Meanwhile, Raw Is War 's numbers continued to rise; a 12-minute match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker drew.5 rating on June 28, 1999.These women began appearing on-camera in increasingly revealing clothing and in swimsuit and lingerie-oriented spreads in the WWF's Raw magazine, a lad mag designed as an alternative to the family-friendly WWF Magazine and a competitor to the likewise family-friendly WCW Magazine.Hall and Nash were dubbed "The Outsiders and would show up unexpectedly during Nitro broadcasts, usually jumping wrestlers backstage, distracting wrestlers by standing in the entranceways of arenas, or walking around in the audience.The set was released in November 2004.

WCW became even more desperate, going as far as placing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship upon actor David Arquette, who was making promotional appearances for WCW's feature film Ready to Rumble.19871993: Scheduling conflicts and Monday Night Raw edit During a span of five months between November 1987 and March 1988, a bitter event-scheduling war broke out between Vince McMahon and Jim Crockett,., the owner of JCP.Sting, a match that fans had been waiting to see since Sting first appeared as the leader of an anti-nWo faction a year before.Goldberg was arrested during mid-show storyline, however, and accused of "aggravated stalking" by Miss Elizabeth.Contents Overview edit The Monday Night Wars largely sprang from a rivalry between WWF owner Vince McMahon and WCW owner Ted Turner, dating back to an incident in the 1980s known as Black Saturday, when McMahon acquired a monopoly on all nationally televised wrestling broadcasts.During this period, Kevin Nash was widely believed to be in charge of booking shows and giving himself undue attention in the storylines.WCW attempted to regain ratings supremacy by marketing ex- NFL player Bill Goldberg as an invincible monster with a record-breaking streak of 173 consecutive wins.
Ted Turner decided to expand the brand by introducing a second weekly program WCW Thunder, on his TBS channel.