xml editor for windows xp

I am glad it is useful as is - I wanted to add a lot of features but I haven't found time over the last several years, though I always enjoy responding to questions and helping with foal scripts.
It would be possible to specifically recognize html by the pattern of tags and/or the filename extension and this may be implemented at some point.Quickly arrange layouts or make your own layouts.Syntax Highlighting Find and Replace Compiler Integration Code Folding Bracket Matching Paid Software Auto Indentation Auto Completion Multiple Undo/Redo Text Folding Internet Protocols FTP, SSH FTP, SSH, WebDAV Spell Checking Specification Supported OS Windows, Mac, Linux Mac iOS Try or Buy).You can use a comment around the VBScript to avoid this situation.In the meantime, there is a function to get a list of files in a particular directory called EnvFindFiles, so if you have a need for processing a file or files that are in a folder you will know the filename in that case.Though the firstobject editor uses Unicode strings, they are UTF-8 rather than UCS-2 or UTF-16 "wide character" and therefore it is not classified as a Windows Unicode program.Search/Replace, Undo/Redo, Syntex Highlight, Bookmark, Print and more.Integrated FTP client to upload files conveniently.Note that values are displayed non-escaped in the tree, though I know this does not help with large data values since the tree only shows one truncated line of data.The limit has been increased in release.4.2.
Every feature that utilizes msxml is subject to the document size limitations and memory usage requirements of msxml, which is incongruent with the huge document support of this editor, but it is acceptable when the user explicitly chooses to use.
Quickly replace texts in multiple files at once.

The result will be even worse with a single less than sign that can often appear in a script.There is a "Go to line" function (CtrlG) if you know the line number you are looking for.These are in release.6.File - New Program, paste this in, modify paths and processing, press.Syntax highlighting for virtually any programming language.It is very rare to be notified while in an editor that an independent process has modified a file in the background.
Thanks for the comment.
Update: Go To Line (CtrlG) is available tom hanks net worth 2010 since Beta.0.3 As you suggested, in release.6 the indenting (formatting) works on the parts of the document that parse correctly.